• New Release

    Sip, don’t guzzle this deliciously entertaining comparison between the personalities of men and 21 of the world’s most loved varieties of wines. Just like a well-crafted bottle of vino, this book has been 4 years in the making. Whether you prefer sugary, dry, sweet, refreshing, mature, rich, rare, or something from the top shelf, you’re sure to find a lot of laughs in this tasty wine lover’s delight!

  • Web Content Writing

    If you’re launching a new website or just need to freshen up the web content after adding, enhancing or improving services, we can help you create engaging, exciting and dynamic content that sells, speaks and sometimes even listens.

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  • Ghost Writing

    You’ve been saying for a long time now that you have a great story to tell. But you’re not a writer. Hiring a ghostwriter is the best way to become an author if you don’t have the time or skill of writing. That’s our forte! Let’s discuss your book and how we can get it written. Don’t live with the regret of only telling your great story to your grandchildren.With the new publishing platforms available, you can become an author today!

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  • Marketing

    If customers aren’t pounding down your door, calling or emailing you for business, then it could be your marketing is slacking. Let us create copywriting that resonates to your target audience and give you some ideas on what can work best for your particular products, services or industry. We’ve helped customers around the globe with marketing!

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  • Awesome Writer

    We’ve worked with clients in 20 countries around the globe. Our worldwide experience gives you extra value with our understanding of different cultures and preferences.

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Sassy. Interesting. Candid. Professional.

If you’re looking for a great freelance copywriter for hire, you came to the right place. We are about to embark on a journey together and build your business. Awesome Writer is anything but ordinary, but we like it that way. We can give your business more personality with imaginative writing. Writing that sells, speaks and sometimes even listens.

Bringing vivacity, creativity and enthusiasm

From compelling web content to many different types of ghostwriting projects, Awesome Writer makes an impact. We can develop a hook that is witty, inspirational, compelling or provocative. Our knack for freelance copywriting moves people to do something. Whether you are an individual or a business hoping to achieve more sales, having customized content is a powerful way to do this. They say “pictures say a thousand words”, however, words can be worth millions. Hire a professional freelance copywriter today.